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Why the need for a “Compliant Rifle Grip”?

Per recent California law, centerfire AR-15 rifles with bullet buttons are now considered assault weapons and must be registered before June 30th, 2018. Converting your rifle to a “featureless” rifle will mean that you will NOT be required to register it as an assault weapon. A “featureless” rifle is a fully functional rifle without the generic characteristics (or features) that define an assault weapon (such as a pistol grip, flash suppressor, telescoping stock, etc.). A “featureless” centerfire AR-15 rifle CAN have a normal and fully functional magazine release. Our CRG-15 rifle grip does NOT meet the California definition of a pistol grip (see details below*) due to the “forced” placement of the web of the trigger hand; therefore, we have classified this product as a “Compliant Rifle Grip”. The CRG-15 grip is an important aspect in the building of a “featureless” rifle.

Why the CRG-15 Rifle Grip?

There are other options to eliminating the pistol grip on your rifle to make it compliant or “featureless”, but many of them are not comfortable or functional such as kydex grip wraps or grip fins. Many also don’t look very good, or are downright ugly! Others are very expensive and difficult to change back if you want to go shooting in another state. In contrast, our CRG-15 rifle grip is very affordable and only requires one screw to install. We also designed it to be as comfortable and functional as possible, while keeping consistent with the modern look of the AR-15 platform (it matches other premium furniture already on your rifle). We believe our CRG-15 rifle grip is the highest quality, the best value, the best looking, and the most comfortable “non-pistol” grip available... we hope you agree!


We are not lawyers, and this is not legal advice. This and similar products have not been approved by the California Department of Justice. Even so, our attorneys, Michel & Associates P.C., prepared an analysis of the CRG-15 rifle grip and wrote an opinion stating that it is not a “pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon,” as that term is used in the definition of an “assault weapon” under California Penal Code section 30515(a)(1).

*Definition per State of California’s “Assault Weapons Identification Guide”, 3rd Edition, November 2001, page 80: “Pistol Grip, conspicuously protruding: A grip that allows for a pistol style grasp in which the web of the trigger hand (between the thumb and index finger) can be placed below the top of the exposed portion of the trigger while firing.”

FYI the current pistol grip definition is still the same, but as of January 8th 2019, the current DOJ definitions for general "assault weapon" identification are found in the California Code of Regulations, Title 11, Division 5, Chapter 39 Assault Weapons and Large-Capacity Magazines, Article 2, § 5471

Click the image below for more information about the CRG-15 analysis from the prominent 2A law firm Michel & Associates.

Michel and Associates CRG-15 Analysis

Click the image below for more information about building "featureless" and the "Assault Weapon" Quick Reference Guide from Michel & Associates.

Michel and Associates AW Quick Reference Guide

If your weapon is not in compliance at this time, we would like to remind everyone that you CAN disassemble your AR rifle (completely separate the upper from the lower) if you are unable to convert it to featureless in time. Below is an excerpt out of the Quick Reference Guide from Michel & Associates.

"DISASSEMBLY: A firearm has to be assembled and functioning to be an AW. Consequently, disassembling the firearm, or removing a crucial part of the firearm that will prevent it from functioning, or even taking the upper receiver off from the lower receiver, should take the firearm out from under the “AW” definition. But once disassembled, the firearm can never be reassembled in California into a configuration that meets the definition of an “AW,” and you should never manifest the intent to reassemble the firearm in an “AW” configuration in California (never discuss your firearm or how it might be reassembled with anyone). CAUTION: If a firearm is lacking a non-essential part, like a magazine, or a part not required for the firearm to function, or if the firearm is disabled by a gun lock but can otherwise still function properly, it is NOT a “disassembled” firearm. The firearm would still be considered an “AW”."

Helpful Review Video

Here is a great review video from Joel at GunGuyTV. He really praises our safety after 4:40 and it is definitely worth a look if you are using ANY kind of featureless grip. Be sure to subscribe to his channel to keep up with 2A news in CA. It was brought to our attention that at 4:10 in this video Joel incorrectly states that there may be enough room for your thumb if you are using a fixed stock... there is NOT. Please read all the FAQ articles (see FAQ tab above) and specifically this one about fixed stocks. We do not want to mislead any customer about the pros and cons of featureless rifles or our grip. Please call or email if you have ANY questions, we are here for you and happy to help.

We are not affiliated with GunGuyTV, nor did we pay for this in any way. Joel gives honest non-paid reviews and does not shill products.

All reviews below are non-edited, non-paid, from actual customers. We greatly appreciate our customers taking the time to come back to our website to write reviews. This helps fellow gun owners and helps our search engine ranking too! You're awesome!

Features & Benefits
  • Comfortable hold... similar to a shotgun
  • Looks cool... matches modern sporting rifle furniture
  • Avoid assault weapon registration
  • Anti-slip texture
  • Even better with our SSA-15 Safety Selector

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5 of 5 Featureless build June 24, 2024
Reviewer: Richard from Folsom, CA  
Saw Reno Mays’ YouTube review and researched others. Like the price and that Sparrow is local to me. The FDE color is very close to my BCM (now fixed) stock. Installation is simple with some force to properly seat to lower. Three users (small to large hands) had no problems. Feels only a little different from some some rifle stocks and once focused on shooting everything else is minor. As a lefty used to right hand controls, safety and mag release are no issue. Once I got out of my head and on the targets, this grip made me happy about my featureless build!

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5 of 5 Perfect with Luth-AR MBA rifle-length stocks! June 8, 2024
Reviewer: Scott from Ridgecrest, CA  
I vastly prefer these 'hunting rifle style' grips for my featureless rifles.  I also prefer rifle-length stocks.  Luth-AR makes the MBA-1 (with adjustable buttpad & cheekpiece) or MBA-2 (without those parts) to fit over a rifle-length buffer tube.  The MBA's have a lower forward reinforcement  strut that is overkill.  Just hacksaw/grind off that strut (but KEEP the anti-rotation flange at the front!!) to get a generous "thumb-over" gap above your Sparrow, and a very light, rigid and rugged setup.

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5 of 5 Better than a pistol grip! May 30, 2024
Reviewer: Steven from So Cal.  
I want to give compliments to your team for the Complaint Grip for providing a solution to our situation as it pertains to "certain features"
on semi-auto rifles. Not only is it a solution, it's also comfortable and ergonomic and for me, it lessens the impact on my wrist when carrying my rifle.  Much better than a pistol grip for me and something that I plan on keeping, even if the laws change for the better or if I move out of California. When I get around to it, I will get another Complaint grip for this reason for another AR-15 Lower I have sitting around. Thank you, Steven

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5 of 5 Sparrow Grip Solid! January 21, 2024
Reviewer: Al from CA  
I have had a Sparrow grip on my MP15 since I bought it a couple years ago. I ordered the grip during the waiting period.  That CA fin scared me; zero control and dangerous, imo.

Just for the heck of it today I put on a Magpul MOE pistol grip. Legal to own in CA, just not to use.  I hated it!  The MOE Magpul pistol grip felt skimpy and small in my hand, with less control than the Sparrow. The Sparrow made the rile feel more balanced than the MOE and took up less space hanging around my neck in a sling. I think even if pistol grips became legal in CA I would stay with the Sparrow.  I understand we just 'get used to things', but the Sparrow feels more solid and controllable than the Magpul to me.  Plus with the Sparrow grip the rifle fits in one of my Henry lever-action soft cases. People are always surprised when I pull an AR out of that case at the range...lol!

Thank you Sparrow Dynamics!

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  0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
4 of 5 Not for Rifle Length/A2 Stocks January 9, 2024
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Santa Ana, CA United States  
I was really looking forward to avoiding the fin but as the title of this review says, this grip is not compatible at all with A2 style stocks/rifle length buffers. It felt nice and sturdy when it was on the lower alone but with a stock installed I physically cannot pass my thumb through the gap like they have in their product pictures above. That being said, I'm still using the grip since it's tolerable and most people won't have my problem anyways since most people will use a carbine buffer/stock. Just something to consider for your own build.

Sparrow Dynamics Response:   Years ago after SB880 passed and bullet buttons were banned, we did our best to design a grip that would allow better control and ergonomics verses they typical fin grip, but there are things that can hamper that such as most fixed stocks or some aftermarket buffer end plates for example.  We have articles under the FAQ tab on the product page about these issues that also address some solutions to them.  None of us are happy that we even have to deal with these onerous unconstitutional laws, and we hope that the Miller or the Rupp case makes it to the Supreme Court sooner than later.

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